Matching a 100-year-old Victorian style.

Uli and his staff are masters of their craft! Recently had a small job completed for new kitchen cabinet faces and shelving unit. New doors perfectly matched existing set to finish off our cabinetry for a 100+ year old Victorian-style home. If you need custom work that is precise and high-quality, talk to Old World Woodworking.

David G., Guelph



Three rooms transformed.

Words cannot express how amazing the workmanship was for our kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Environmentally aware, locally owned, a true gem. Can't wait to have them back to do our mud room and our Murphy bed/office space.

Susan B., Durham



An elegant door for an 1845 stone house.

Our new door looks fantastic and perfectly suits our 1845 stone house. I want to thank you for the way you responded to our issues and your promptness in attending to problems with the door. The way a company deals with problems says as much about it as the quality of the work, and you have been great on both counts. Looking forward to our next project.

Ann H., Guelph



A large wall unit with integrated desk and drawers.

The only thing one can say about Uli and his staff at Old World Woodworking is that they are fabulous. Their skill and craftsmanship is absolutely incredible, and Uli is great at design. In our opinion, they are without a doubt the best in the Guelph area, and likely far beyond. Uli has worked on three projects for us, including designing and building a large wall unit with integrated desk and file drawers, along with matching bookshelves for another wall. 

Brad M., Guelph



An old-house kitchen that flows.

Uli and his team at Old World Woodworking gave us a kitchen that not only fit in with our 150-year-old house but added functionality and flow, making it a pleasure to work and entertain in. Tremendous craftsmanship and creativity.

Alastair M., Guelph



An historically accurate exterior renovation.

We were making changes to the home such as new windows, new larger front porch and changing the siding. We contacted Old World Woodworking regarding designing and building the porch. Once we spoke with Uli, we realized he could transform our entire exterior of the home. He did a design that guided the contractors. 

Uli has the most incredible ability to listen, design, and build. His knowledge of a variety of architectural styles allowed him to recognize what would suit our home. He respected historical accuracy, using millwork and doors and posts all from the same era. Our home now is stunning. We had a real estate appraisal done and we would get almost a 100% return on the renovation in the added cost of the home.

Janet H., Guelph



A rosewood writing desk comes back to life.

Old World Woodworking restored an old and neglected, but underneath it all, very beautiful rosewood antique pull-out writing desk. The piece turned out wonderful with new tastefully chosen accessories and leather covering. We were very pleased with the work, the timeliness, and service.

Albert B. Guelph



A Craftsman mantel for a downtown condo.

Old World Woodworking built a custom "Craftsman" style mantel for our downtown condo. Meticulous craftsmanship and the ability to completely customize this project met our discerning needs. Excellent value, service, and timeliness. We highly recommend Old World Woodworking.

Charles B., Guelph



Arts & Crafts in a kitchen and bathroom.

My kitchen and bathroom are now the best rooms in the house! Uli picked up the nuances of the Arts and Crafts style very quickly. My husband and I appreciate the fine craftsmanship, attention to finicky details, and fabulous finished product. Good communication made it easy to work with Uli.

Ian B., Guelph



Modern pieces for bedroom luxury.

We hired Uli to create a number of modern pieces for our bedroom renovation. For our master bedroom, Uli created walnut closet doors and a matching headboard. He also created a birch king-size storage bed, and floating side shelves on both sides of the bed. For our guest room, Uli created a bank of modern-style alcove bookshelves. In order for us to be satisfied that we would get just the right look in the doors and headboard, Uli took us to Toronto to hand select the walnut veneer that would ultimately be the showpieces of our master bedroom.

Jakub V., Mississauga



Built-ins that add function and beauty.

Uli and his team designed a unique set of built-ins for two rooms in our main living areas. This involved creating a track system to allow custom art pieces to slide back and forth in front of the television, above the mantle (also created by Uli), as well as a hidden office space to house the computer and all components, a bench seat, a variety of storage solutions, and planning for accommodating hidden wiring for a home theatre. The result was unbelievable. Everything looks like it has been here since the house was built — no small feat considering how old and bowed the walls, ceiling, and floors are! True master craftsmen.

Yvonne H., Guelph



An antique mantel restored and enhanced.

Unbelievable work. Fantastic workmanship. My wife and I are so pleased with the work done on our mantle. It is unbelievable the way the grain has been brought out. We have a one of a kind mantle. Everytime we look at it it makes us feel so alive. It seems to speak to you of the love and care that was taken to make the piece. I highly recommend Uli and his craftsmen at Old World.

Alan M., Orangeville



A wish-come-true table.

Uli and his staff did an amazing job of creating a beautiful table to my specifications. He was easy to work with and communicated often to agree on requirements and then throughout the building process. He met the date requirement as well which these days is a challenge. I am thrilled with this table. It is truly a work of art. 

Martin R., Toronto



A kitchen that gives pleasure every day.

Every time I use our new kitchen — and that’s several times a day — I get pleasure from the design, materials, and craftsmanship. Everything is solid and fits perfectly. It’s a superb installation.

Working with Uli is terrific – he is full of good ideas and is consistently professional.

Our new cabinets represent an excellent value, especially when I compare them with the manufactured products we saw before we selected Old World Woodworking.

Rowley M., Toronto



A solution that fit taste and budget.

You took time to find out what we wanted, and when we were uncertain about a few things, you made suggestions and gave us options to think about. I discovered that you really cared — it seemed you cared with your whole heart about every detail. 

The craftsmanship of Old World Woodworking is impeccable. I discovered that you have a fine sense of aesthetics, and yet, you allowed for our tastes and our budget. You people are artists of the highest order.

Jane H., Guelph



A platform for an antique bronze bust.

Uli made for us one of his smallest projects ever: a wooden stand for an exquisite antique bronze bust of the goddess Parvati purchased on a holiday to India. The stand is a simple block of maple that has become much more. Uli considered how Parvati would hover over the block, how she would be viewed from all angles, and what the wood should do (or not) in relation to the statue. Then he sculpted it, tapering the upper surface from back to front in a gentle sweep, subtly curving the sides and front edges, and polishing the maple to a velvety muted lustre. Parvati has been auspiciously well anchored. She looks pleased. We are too.

Tony L., Guelph



A desk and shelving for a small space.

A dreamy custom fit desk and shelves in a very small space. Uli is the bomb!

Lynn B., Guelph