You don't have to buy something from a showroom.
We'll design and build your dream.


In our commercialized culture, it's normal to accept whatever is on offer. But in your home, especially in older homes, that can feel like a compromise. It's as if you didn't quite get it right. Why not get it right? We specialize in designing elegantly well-fitted kitchens, bathrooms, and built-in structures that meet the contours of your home and your imagination. Dream it. We can design it.


Why traditional training makes a difference.

Does an education in German cabinetmaking really make that much difference? It does, enough that we have founded our business on that very difference. It's a refined approach to design and proportion. It's an obsession with quality — every cut, joint, system of fastening, integrity of product, fit, and finish. It's a meticulousness in the way we organize our shop and flow our production. It's about the hands-on ethos of seeing a job through every step, from concept to installation, and refusing to hand it off to computer cutters and assemblers. Traditional European training in woodworking is like quality training in any profession: it opens possibilities and inspires trust. When the people working on your home pay committed attention to process and detail, chances are the outcome will be exactly what you want.  

Uli in truck portrait.jpg

Uli Walle

Herman portrait.jpg

Hermann Meier
Shop Foreman/Master Cabinetmaker

Logan portrait (1).jpg

Logan McEwen-Hall

Sue at OWW.jpg

Sue English
Office Manager


You are involved (and listened to).

Our process is very different from what you will encounter at a large woodworking operation that sells kitchens from a showroom. To begin with, we don't sell. We deliberately work through your desires and intentions with questions and answers that create further possibilities. You have options with us. We have many years of experience in creatively solving design challenges. Several pages of notes are made. Our goal is to meet all your needs, not fit a stock product into your home. The initial consultations are a phase of reassurance. In us. In our approach. In your outcome.


A solution that's distinctly yours.

After the initial meeting, Uli creates a floor plan (for larger projects) and two-dimensional drawings. You consult on the initial drawings to ensure they are what you want. We make adjustments together. You choose materials, hardware, and finishes. At the conclusion of this phase, you are provided with a detailed design and plan and billed for time and materials only. You then you have more time if you need it to decide and consider final changes. When you want to proceed, you receive a highly specific work order clearly describing timing, materials, production, and costs.


We are committed.

We are strongly committed to sustainability. Our customers appreciate that. What does it mean? Most products are local, including plywood. Hardware, which is not local (mainly European) is manufactured to last several lifetimes. We prefer to non-formaldehyde adhesives and sheet goods so you don't have to worry about toxic off-gassing. Our finishes are plant-oil-based not lacquers so they can always be rejuvenated. In fact, we search relentlessly for more sustainable products and methods. We recycle everything possible, including wood, and end up with comparatively little waste.  


Hands-on craftsmanship.
Production equipped.

We like it when customers and prospective customers visit our shop. There's a picture window that looks from the office into the shop so you can get a feel for our capabilities and how we are organized. We'd be pleased to give you a tour. Large equipment enables us to do cost-efficient production runs. Tools are neatly arranged and well maintained. Cleanliness and order are standard practice. Seeing is believing.   


Clean. Careful. Unobtrusive.

The same careful work practices you'll find in our shop translate to your home or business when it's time for installation. And the same people do the work. We don't hire non-skilled help for installation because it's by no means an afterthought. Our kitchens, for example, are not screwed into the walls. They are hung on a steel bar so they can be finely adjusted three ways to fit snugly in old homes that are not square or plumb. Most importantly, we respect your home. Daily it's left clean. Floors are protected. Our people are thoughtful, well-spoken, and as non-intrusive as possible.